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T35 Final Match Report – Tigers Vs Gladiators

By Wasif Khan
Nov 21, 2016
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Two of the most deserving teams in the 35 over format qualified for the finals at the RRCC home ground on a beautiful Sunday morning with clear skies and mild North bound breeze keeping the temperatures around 70 F.

Substantial amount of dew overnight caused an hour delay for the game to start at 10 AM with the Gladiators winning the toss and electing to bat first. It was a huge toss for Gladiators as the thick wet outfield would only get better as the day proceeds and also Tigers had been struggling throughout the season batting second.

The two teams had already played a league game at the loyola ground which some predicted as a rehearsal for the final game. Gladiators won comprehensively and had a decent momentum going into the finals with their tails up and looking confident in the warm up session before the game . On the other side Tigers had completely gotten over their loss and were ready to prove their mettle at their home ground with big support from members of home club.

Mr Shehzad opened the bowling from the southern end and kept a good line in the first over which ended in a disastrous mix up in running which sent Ramanujan back to the pavilion. Humayun shared the cherry with an excellent 2nd over.
Pavulari seemed unshaken with the early blow and hammered few boundaries in the 3rd over to put Tigers on the backfoot. Things were going great for Gladiators until Humayun got Pavulari with an in swinging length delivery plumb in front of the wicket. A cheeky run out from Mr.Shafique from behind the stumps sent their inform batsman Prabhu on a nice walk back to the benches. Gladiators are cramped up for space again as they are struggling to rotate strike with Tigers knocking on their doors with blood on their canines. Saad cleaned up Krish with a faster one on the verge of drinks break. Game is favoring the Tigers as Gladiators have only put 81 in 18 overs with out field completely dried out.
Saleem and Babu put a nice partnership to put the gladiators on their way back to getting a good total but Saad and wasif did a decent job by slowing down the run rate and taking wickets at regular interval. Wasif ended up taking 3 wickets and controlling one end after the drinks break. Gladiators managed to pile up 189 which in no way is an ordinary total at RRCC ground.

A few early wickets by Gladiators could have easily shaken up the confidence of Tigers who have been little dicey throughout the season batting second. Seasoned wicket keeper batsman Mr.Shafique edged an out swinging full length delivery by Manoj to the keeper. Tigers need a partnership before they lose too many which came together with Mr. Nasru and Mr.Zubair rotating strike at hitting the odd ball out of the park. Mr.Nasru six over square leg sent alarming signals to Gladiator captain that he means business on this special day. Gladiators managed to break the partnership though but Tigers never backed down and accrued back to back 20 to 30 runs partnership to keep the wheel running . Mr.Zubair class and poise on one end shook the visitors confidence as their shoulders started to fall down but a nice spell by Prabhu got their tails up again. Shantanu and wasif managed to rotate strike with zubair but two quick blows with Abid and Humayun getting out on lose balls put the home team in a tail spin. Zubair showed tremendous temperament on one end and Santosh quick 22 of 19 deliveries pretty much closed the deal for Tigers on their home turf.

Mr.Zubair unbeaten 84 earned him the player of the match award and once again proved he has still alot more to contribute to the austin Cricket league. Huge celebrations with BBQ and drinks served at the end of the game. Thanks to Basit and Khurram for the food arrangements.
An amazing day of cricket with great umpiring by Hardik and Hemant sent the two teams off the field with great respect for the winners and a hard fought loss for the visiting teams .

TIGERS ARE THE 2016 CHAMPIONS in the 35 over format and are daringly looking at the next interaction with Lions for the Austin league championship.

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Shoaib Memanji
(Star XI)

Scored 136(79) at a strike rate of 172...

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